What is the mission of the Warrenton Youth Soccer Club? The founders of WYSC created the league as a place where children of all ages and abilities could learn about sports while having fun. The emphasis is on learning, teamwork and sportsmanship.

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WYSC - 2018 Middle School Volleyball
WYSC  -   Middle School Volleyball program


Welcome to WYSC's Fauquier Middle School Girls Volleyball Program

   2018 Middle School Girls Volleyball Program
Each of the 5 Middle Schools will form two teams
  • Varsity - 7th and 8th graders, with potential 6th grader/s.
  • Junior Varsity -6th and 7th graders only. No 8th graders.


Player Registration Is Now Open !!


  Girls Volleyball Schedule  
    Revised 4/09/18    
Date Date Home Away Time Bye
Day 1 4/11/2018* AMS TMS 3:30  
  Wednesday WMS MMS 4:30 CLMS
Day 2 4/17/2018 AMS CLMS 3:30  
    TMS MMS 4:30 WMS
Day 3 4/19/2018 MMS AMS 4:00  
    CLMS WMS 3:30 TMS
Day 4 4/24/2018 TMS CLMS 3:30  
    AMS WMS 3:30 MMS
Day 5 4/26/2018 WMS TMS 3:30  
    CLMS MMS 4:30 AMS
Day 6 5/1/2018 TMS AMS 3:30  
    MMS WMS 4:00 CLMS
Day 7 5/3/2018 CLMS AMS 3:30  
    MMS TMS 4:00 WMS
Day 8 5/8/2018 AMS MMS 4:30  
    WMS CLMS 3:30 TMS
Day 9 5/10/2018 WMS AMS 3:30  
    CLMS TMS 3:30 MMS
Day 10 5/15/2018 TMS WMS 3:30  
    MMS CLMS 4:00 AMS
    Home Away    
Championship 5/18/2018 JV- TBD JV- TBD 6:00 @Fauquier High 
    Varsity- TBD Varsity - TBD 7:00 @Fauquier High
* Wednesday          


Select Division.

  1. Varsity
  2. Junior Varsity

Program Structure (subject to change).
  • Players MUST register online for tryouts.
  • Tryouts during week of March 14th. Changed from March 4th due to schools' request
  • Each team will roster 12 players.
  • Two weekday practices.
  • Two weekly games.
  • Friday OFF.
  • Paid Head Coaches.
  • Players participation in tryouts, practices or games, need to maintain required school grades.
  • Uniform provided by WYSC. Uniform deposit ($35) required, at registration, refunded once CLEAN uniform is return to WYSC.
  • Players MUST wear kneepads at all practices and games.
  • Each team will play 8 weekday games.
  • Practices days will be determine by WYSC.
  • Games - Looking to start TBD.  
  • Professional Referees for all games
  • Registration fee same as 2018, remains at $100.00, plus $35.00 uniform deposit. Uniform deposit will be refunded, after player returns clean uniform to WYSC/coach.
  • (2018) Players are required to wear WYSC issued uniform at all games. Not wearing WYSC issued uniform will be considered a forfeit by said team. Team violating uniform rule will be excluded from participating in Championship.
  • Standing kept to determine team to participate in Championship games.
  • End of season Championship Games scheduled in May. 
  • Trophy for Championship winning team's school.  


Program Forms for download.





  • Each middle school will hold tryouts during the same week, however, times may vary.
  • Girls must register on line to tryout.  Player Tryout Registration will open in February 24th.
  •  All girls must have a completed sports physical form on the first day of try-outs. 
  • Girls must bring the code of conduct/medical release form to the first day of tryouts also.
  •  Continue to TRYOUTS home page.