What is the mission of the Warrenton Youth Soccer Club? The founders of WYSC created the league as a place where children of all ages and abilities could learn about sports while having fun. The emphasis is on learning, teamwork and sportsmanship.

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WYSC's Spring Recreational Volleyball is a fantastic way for new and returning  players to develop/improve their volleyball skills. WYSC provides a fun environment for all skill levels to participate in volleyball. Every player has an opportunity to play. The matches are held in a rotating serve pattern allowing players to participate in different positions on the court.


Teams will have an optional practice starting mid-season to help improve and develop their skills. Practices will be primarily once a week at one of Fauquier Counties Schools. Starting mid-season, weather permitting, we will open the Athey outdoor Volleyball courts to give teams an additional practice per week, if wanted.


Starting Spring 2020, parents will no longer order their uniforms through WYSC during the registration process. We will have Volleyball-specific links to order your uniform directly from Soccer.com and have it shipped directly to your home.


Warrenton Youth Sports Club makes every effort to assign players to the teams based upon specifications and special requests made during online registrations. We take pride in our effort to continually assigning returning players to the same team they played with in the prior season, Please note the following policies and rules taken into consideration as we form rosters:


  1. Returning players who register and pay within the Regular Registration period receive priority team placement and will likely be placed back on the team they played with in the prior season.

  2. Players who didn't play in the prior season, and new players who register within the Regular Registration period will be receive priority placement, secondary to the returning players. We will make every effort to place these new players on a team which meets the special requests asked during online registration. However, please note that if a team you requested fills up with all of its returning players, the non-returning player will then be placed on a different team that meets their specifications (i.e. practice day preference). Competitive players will be assigned to team evenly and the final placement will be based on the volleyball director of operations. 

  3. Players who register after the Regular Registration period will be placed on teams that still have spots available.  In some cases, we will be able to honor specifications and special requests made during online registrations. We will make every effort to place your child on a team within your special request, but we cannot guarantee that this will happen.

  4. Ages 7 to 9 , 10 - 11 and 12-16 practice once a week with a game on the weekend.

  5. Rosters sizes will be a maximum of 12 players.

  6. Registration and information regarding pricing and Uniforms will be available soon!

Referees interested in reffing this season can find the Referee Availability Forms [HERE]


Stay-tuned for more information about WYSC's Spring Volleyball Season, including cost, dates and more!